After watching with subs, I am not surprised why Hyuntae gave up on Jinwook so easily. The night they both drank together, he was making fun of JW overworking until he had vitamin deficiency. JW did not say anything because he was obviously too drank to say anything and he only wanted to challenge him to see who was more tolerant.

Then, he overheard JW and YM’s confession to each other. I got my heart-to-heart talk and warm hugs all in one scene. yaay! JW revealed how he turned himself into a workaholic and a zero-love quotient director after their one night. I bow down to the writer for putting it in the cheesiest way possible. “I worked myself to the bone… Because that’s the only way I can live, because of you, Lee Yoomi.” This is going to be my favorite line out of every the great ones in this drama. And the way he expounded this into: “Because you left without a word, I couldn’t date anyone. I couldn’t sleep or eat properly. I never forget about you even a single moment.” Believe it or not, I typed in JW’s dialogue without looking back at any video, I just loved it so much I can’t just get over how his confession exceeded by expectations.

Imagine a person who had always been a coward about his feelings hearing that from another man. HT had been with YM for writer knows how long but he never was able to show or tell her how he felt. JW met YM once three years ago, got to know her, and was sure that he liked her as his woman, hence, the kiss that lead to a one-night stand. JW was left behind but his feelings never faded through the time of her absence. He made sure to remember every second of it and no matter how embarrassing it seemed, he kept her bra pad to remind himself that there was a girl he was waiting for. On the other side, HT was there with all the time in the world. He worked enough and had so much time in his hands to spend it with YM and to make her feel special but he didn’t. He was contented with the friendship even though he knew he wanted more. While there was another person suffering of YM’s absence, HT was taking for granted her presence. JW did not even waste a day to get close to YM as soon as he saw her again. His ways may be annoying in the beginning but I believed that’s understandable after being hurt, right? Let us not discount the fact that YM unknowingly hurt JW by leaving without a word. He may not be abte to continue what he was saying (wine drinking at night), but I supposed he wanted to tell her that he thought that night was the start of something serious like a relationship. YM cut him off saying she didn’t want to start a relationship that way.

HT realized these things that was why he let her go to somebody she loves and who loves her back. Because he loves her, he sets her free. Besides, he never made her his. What kind of face would he put on in front of someone whose feelings have always been unwavered? It is fine for him as long as he knew, she is treated the best.