I am sad that YM shuts down JW’s attempt to explain every time. Her character has always been not good with words. The timing of this type of conflict between them is too early for YM. If this supposed to happen a little later when YM finally loosen up to JW or she gained confidence about his feelings for her just a tad bit more, it would have been easier for YM to talk. She is so scared every time she takes a step forward to JW’s life. Her insecurities are succumbing her feelings for him, not because her love is not enough but because she has not yet fully realized it herself. YM has always been slow with this kind of things.

JW has taken the lead to whatever progress they have right now and as he said he never has a more difficult woman in his life. He meant that in every way, not just to please and assure her. YM is a difficult woman to start a relationship with because she is 1) dense 2) insecure 3) unassuming 4) fragile 5) precious. We can definitely look at HT as an example. He has liked/loved her for a long time but he never seem to find her soft spot. He cannot bring his feelings out in the open as he finds her complexities impenetrable.

This is the reason why I think JW suitably matches to be her partner in life. She needs somebody who can step up for her; somebody who takes the lead; somebody who will be willing to fight for her. JW should have definitely seen it coming his way when he decided to pursue her by “date working/work dating”. He even said that 10 meals should be enough which. in my impression, is his deadline for himself. “If I still want to be with her after 10 meals then I should make her mine.” That is entirely my opinion of his character. Others may think that he meant, after 10 meals YM will confess to him or she will realize her feelings. This could also be another possibility but it doesn’t tie up to his statement that he never regard her as an easy woman. In JW’s personality, he would not let her go because of these rumors but he has to think on how to approach her this time. By then, JW knows how fragile she is, so he cannot just hastily pull her to him and do the same advances he did before. This is a different story and it involves a lot more people. I have confidence in you, Cha Jin Wook! ❤

Don’t worry, guys, eventually, she will learn to do the same for that same person who she will confidently love. YM just needs some extra steps to get there. She likes no one but JW who backs down on nothing.