Since I don’t know korean, my opinions now might change once I watched the subbed version of these episodes. But I must admit that I am a bit sad that YM felt like a third wheel in their supposedly first date after their confession. I am guessing they are not officially together because YM’s mom said “it’s not like he’s your boyfriend” when she pulled DG and MH out of the party. They just know they like each other and maybe settled in the stage where they start getting to know each other on a dating status. You see, this misunderstanding will bring them different pains for no reason.

I understand that JW is frustrated at the thought of not knowing “his son” earlier and not being with YM the time she was “pregnant”. He can only imagine what she went through and how she overcome everything herself. Now that he thought he “knew”, JW wanted to make up but YM wouldn’t open up. He assumed that YM still doesn’t want him to know about their child which could mean to him that she is not entirely willing to let him enter her life. His face when his father told him about YM’s child then realizing DG could be his son. I love how he trust that YM never do “it” with another guy and he is definitely the father if YM has indeed a child. A lot could happen in three years just like how much that ONE DAY changed their lives.

As for YM, I was sad for her because this is her first experience dating. Ofcourse, she expected his attention to be hers alone. Given how JW was so clingy and expressive to her before, she can only expect a lot more after coming clean about their feelings. However, the timing is off because JW thought she’s hiding something so “important”. He did pick her up to bring her home but he come off invasive for asking about her past which YM hates. She doesn’t like going back there and she is doing everything she could to be better. As much as she is saying she doesn’t regret it because she did it with someone she honestly like, YM still thought that what they did was wrong according to her principles. She wanted to forget everything that happened three years ago which makes perfect sense because JW until they met again in Daebok was a stranger. She only admitted that she actually thought that night was precious to her because she, at some point, believed that JW genuinely likes her back.

So having those feelings and being in that encounter (car fight), they may both feel at the edge of  their emotions. All JW wanted to hear is they had a child and he will be more than happy and willing to accept him because that child is his and YM’s. He likes YM so much, although I am still not sure what brought him those feelings, I never doubted how much he can offer her. He is pretty much sure that YM is somebody he can spend his life with. It shows when he shuts down every other woman after YM. To him, if it’s not her, there’s no point getting involved with women.

On the other hand, YM is still trying to calculate JW because she is unassertive. She wanted to know him better and be assured of his feelings that it will not change despite the things she is ashamed about her. Being asked about what happened three years ago is something she would put off until she is 200% positive that JW loves her no matter what. She doesn’t want to give him any of her bad sides because she is not confident about her importance. It feels like JW is pushing her to the dark side of her life and it hurts her that he is unaware and she can’t tell him. As what we can observe in the earlier ep, YM is someone who will suck it all in without budging a word. JW has always been that one person who makes her say and do things out of her true feelings. So even if she hates sharing her past, it is JW who asked, and she knew she cannot disregard him for too long. What she can only do at that time is walkaway just like what she did three years ago. JW learned this hard lesson that if he let her run, he may not be able to see her again. He chased her and reassured her not with another caressing hand but with soft but firm looks. He was dying to know but she was begging to keep it. He wanted to start over from three years but she wanted to start anew discarding their past.

I think I remember someone posts in Soompi that YM said she doesn’t want to look like an easy girl. Then, she burst out crying to him that it was only him and no one in her life she had that incident but him. You can tell by her answer that she thought JW was having a wrong idea about her. *sighs* If she only knew how much he trusts her and it never even crossed his mind. YM is, by character, consistently pessimistic of other people’s thoughts about her. JW was lost when she started crying because he was expecting another response and he did not intend to make her cry. He knew what kind of woman she is, she is different from other girls he encountered in his life which pulled him to her. He would probably not even drove in reverse to the bus stop where she was waiting if he was not, in anyway, interested. The least he wanted to do was to make her cry again as it was his weakness- YM’s tears. JW was just as dumbfounded as he first witnessed her crying. Again, by character, he was consistent when he pulled her into a hug to comfort her. I loved the little detail where he pulled her again even closer to his chest. That embrace could have been shot more artistically and longer to show how YM will be relaxed through that and how JW forgets his objective and only easing her mattered.

Going back to the date, it looks like they have different approach to each other. JW, not risking to hurt her through talking again, decided to just act on his suspicions and make up for the lost time with his “family” that he cannot take back. Besides, what is more important is what they have today. He wished to show her that he could be a great father and he was able to accept DG with all his heart, and he was just waiting for her to tell him. Yes, patiently waiting for her again. See what I am talking about. His feelings for her is so much deeper that what I can fathom based on their interactions and encounters. Love is just so mysterious. I read another post that YM asked if he has always been into kids and he misconstrue it saying, “It is because he is related to you.” As much as I am sad for YM to feel left out in their date, this made up for everything to me because I know both of their sides. Unfortunately, for YM it will not make so much sense although it is warming to her ears, the meaning is different. JW hinted that he likes DG because he is his “son” and the fact that his son is with YM. I would like to point out that, JW will not act the same way if he had a son with another woman. He may still accept the child but not as willing as he is to a son with the woman he likes.

YM thought she was second to DG now. DG even received a gift. She is not a materialistic type but it is not wrong to think that your date/boyfriend will be giving you something every now and then. I don’t want to say that she was disappointed that DG got one and she didn’t but her subconscious “insecurity” and “unassertive” personality may have been strike. I wonder what she and HT was talking about that night by the end of the episode. She was telling him about their date and how she noticed JW treated DG so special. Any other girlfriend would love to have their boyfriend’s impartial attention. This is why some married couples are deciding to put hold having a child in the first few years of their marriage. So just imagine how it is like for YM who never had a dating experience and just starting to feel emotionally connected to a special someone.