“I don’t want to go home alone. I don’t want to sleep alone, I don’t want to eat alone.”

This statement has become an interesting topic in Soompi and I loved how there are different insights regarding this. I am sharing not only my insights but also other contributors in the thread.

I posted this in the MSR thread:

This drunk statement from JW has pinched my heart. We knew his house looks and feels empty but hearing how much he hated to be alone moved me. I think one of the reasons why he worked so hard in the past three years (no eating, no sleeping) is because all of those reminded him how lonely he is. He has a father and all of the people under him as a director but never did he felt someone was actually there for him. Secretary Jang may be an exception but he wont stay with him in his house, he wont sleep with him. (ahaha)

But on a serious note, that can pass as a proposal line. If this line was when JW attended Dong Gu’s bday party, then can we expect YM letting him sleep in in her house? It would be cute to see her taking care of his hang over in the morning.

Unlike other dramas where I was waiting for their first kiss, MSR has me waiting for that warm hugs. I want to see them cuddle because that would make them feel, once and for all,somebody is meant for them and will stay with them. I hope JW is the clingy one in their relationship, YM has always been the mature one because she needs to with a mom like that.

I am still looking for that heart-to-heart talk JW and YM should have to know what they felt during that fateful night. I bet we are almost there since YM already saw the bra pads. ahahaha! I am glad she did not have any weird thoughts about him keeping that. She is mainly embarrassed for herself but she did not really think he is a pervert or anything. Or did she?(haven’t seen a subbed version yet.)

Secretromancefan replied and seems to agree with me in most parts.

I am hoping that is exactly what happens, YM taking care of a hung over JW and just being there for him would be a treat to watch. I know what you mean about those hugs, I want it too especially after reading the translations for the previews. Your heart just breaks for JW, I knew he was lonely but just reading that made me feel even worse for his character. There is so much bottled up inside of him yet when he is around YM all that seems to vanish.


I haven’t watched the subbed version either but I think it is safe to say she does not think of him as a pervert, had she thought of him in that light she would want nothing to do with him. YM obviously does not feel that way and I am relieved because I didn’t know how she would react to finding her bra pads. It is like you said more embarrassment for herself especially being back at the resort but JW will change all that.

It started a fun discussion so I added more.

No wonder he JW played all he wants until 29 years old, he feels lonely. He liked that people in the club swarm around for his attention. He finds it refreshing that someone confided to him about their devastation. With YM from three years ago and present, he is free to feel the emotions he has been keeping with him all this time.

He knew YM was striving so hard in life but kept failing in different circumstances. Although he may not told her anything about himself and just listened to her run-ons of how everything was crumbling down, there was a sense of understanding as he was in his own battle as well. And that was when he realized he was facing it all wrong.

In the present, when they met again and made up, JW can easily talk about the most personal topics to YM. She doesn’t judge or anything and she just listens. Next thing he knows, she is comforting him.When YM realized JW was acting up because he is jealous of HT; she cleared up the misunderstanding at the hospital and even stayed up late to make sure he was properly watched over. When she knew he doesn’t like eating alone, she initiated and offered staying while he eats his meals.  When she realizes he sleeps in the couch for the longest time because he does’t like going home and sleeping alone; *naughty smiles* would she stay and sleep beside him? oohhh~~~ I can’t wait!

Bra pad has become a sentimental item for me because of this drama. ahahahaha!

chicann7 joined in and added how she felt about the preview:

i’m also excited to learn whether JW will have misconceptions about YM’s little brother. Based on the ep 8 teasers, I can’t tell whether his drunken state at the Book Bar is a result of a drinking match with HT or if he drank himself silly thinking that cute little boy is his. But I’m hoping it’s the former rather the latter.. I mean… YM’s mom is there (at the birthday party) so hopefully she, or YM, will make the proper introductions.

Also, i feel for JW and his lonely life. He’s so love-starved and he’s starting to enjoy the small attention that YM’s lavishes on him like telling him she’ll stay with him while he eats since he hates eating alone. I’m hoping ep 8 will pave the way for these two to finally come clean about their feelings and just stay together.

wizengamot posted another opinion which I find really interesting.

I’d say JW craves sincere love and not just any attention. Because if we’re gonna talk about attention, HR with be more than willing to eat with him, or live with him.

I love that him being alone is not solely because no one loves him but it is also partly his active choice not to be with ‘just anyone’. I love that although he yearns for attention and love, he doesn’t take anyone who shows first sign that they will be there for him. It also have to be that he will be able to reciprocate, which i really find selfless . I mean, if he craves love, he could take HR or there’s probably another chaebol daughter who can be sincere with him and he could just receive their love disregarding whether he could love that person in return. I

think he chose YM not only because she fills an emotional void but simply because he chose her. He never forgot about her after all these years, even with him mistaking YM for already moving on (the misunderstanding about HT being his bf) he still liked her.

Him saying that he doesn’t want to go home alone or eat alone (anymore) is because he found the person he wants to do those things with. Not because he’s sick of being alone. I think there’s a difference between that. Hehe :)

Adding more to this discussion in reply to wizengamot. My thoughts are clearer after her post.

I think he did enjoy the attention back then but people naturally grow out of something and subsequently learn to define what they actually need, not just what’s conveniently easy to achieve. It was nice that we witnessed his transition from a childish to a mature individual. Although I may retaliate the “mature” at some point because JW has not changed entirely which is evident ever since YM comes back. Haha!

I loved that you pointed out what JW said himself in Ep 7, he chooses to be with someone he loves. He already set his mind who that someone is going to be. I remember in Ep 6 epilogue, he silently thought YM is not his ideal type so I can say that he has preferences before. Just like how he wanted attention in his younger years, he comes across someone who he felt he actually needed. This is my personal opinion, JW was touched when somebody made him feel that he was needed. Yes, he was charmed by YM’s “pretty crying” who was pouring out her disappointments but what made him realized that he liked her was when she thanked him for asking if she’s okay. It is different and maybe for the first time, he felt his existence has become an important part of her.

It is so cute to think that “he simply chose her”. I guess, love is one of the things in life which doesn’t need any reasons or explanations. If it is meant to be, love will find its way to your heart. Here I am contemplating what he sees in YM and why he likes her so much that even in her 3-year absence his mind dwells on her. He kept the bra pad in a jewelry box as if it is a treasure- and if you ask me, yes, I do think he treasures the bra pad as much as he cherishes the short but significant memory they had so well. I can’t squeal enough, guys!

Now, this is what I am talking about, another point of view. ❤ What I think about this is, JW already didn’t like going home, sleeping, and eating alone ever since but it only hit him hard when he found someone he wants to do it with.

  • He didn’t like going home so he went out to play around before.
  • JW has stopped sleeping in bed because maybe, when his mom left, he used to stay late at night on the couch hoping his mom would come back and he wanted to be the first to welcome her back. Until the day comes, this became a habit. And he naturally thinks sleeping means missing the chance to see his mom home. When sleeping is associated with that kind of thought will surely make you hate it.
  • Eating has always been a requirement to live for him. You have to eat so you can stay alive. If it is not an essential activity, JW would have not eaten anything at all. For some people, eating is all about catching up with someone’s life. For JW, it is meaningless. Sad but it is how I see it. Eating alone reminds him how he seems far-fetched and detached from people. Although people give him attention, they don’t feel any emotional interaction. He feels they come to him solely because they want favors from him.

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