I really wanted to do this by scene but I just don’t have the luxury of time.

I am going to ignore the first cut where Hyeri was being an annoying third party. Why does it have to be always a girl character who has to be the bad person? Anyway, I love the soft look Jin Wook gave Yoomi when he dragged her out of the kitchen. It is just so lovely to see how different he acts toward her in front of many people than when they are bickering alone. I also find it funny how he simple line “I don’t bite.” can have another connotation being their situation is different. Viewers will be like, “okay, you don’t bite but you KISS.” ahahahaha!

Next cut is the restaurant scene, (I am relieved that we are almost out of the spoiled scenes in the preview; everything is going to be a surprise now- hopefully.) it looks like the tables have turned with this two. This time Yoomi is the one more affected and too hang up on their past. What they had that night was never a one night stand for them. When they did that “something” in his car, they already have that feeling of trust and affection. Since the beginning, we knew that Cha Jin Wook would have kept her by his side if she had not leave that morning. He does not seem to pick up women in the past like that but it’s the other way around. Woman picks him up and he obviously would go for it if he likes and ignores them if he doesn’t feel them. I think he is a different type of playboy. Going back to the scene, Yoomi asked personal questions like, “Are you dating?” “What did you mean when you said that?”. Now, Yoomi is the one trying to know his thoughts and Jin Wook is butthurt about being a one night stand for her. But look at him when he said “Like you said…we are a one night stand.” It was as if he was convincing them both that that just what it was and move on. For Cha Jin Wook, it was never that. Yes, he was frustrated to be left behind without a word but he is obviously trying to keep her now by giving her a hint of what to cook later on for the directors.

Again, another significant line, “If a man is with a woman, does it mean they’re dating?” It has to be Jin Wook’s question to Yoomi. A tricky question , if I may say. Answering yes would allow him to get back at her saying “You were  with me three years ago, if we are apparently dating, why did you leave?” Saying no would also mean, “Exactly why you leave.” and all his pain will come back to him. I would like to see another hint of emotion from Yoomi from that day three year ago aside from being scared and whatsoever. Her hiccups could be the answer. For now, it remains a symbolism of anything between them. What I can be sure at this point with Yoomi is she is definitely attracted to him, thus being affected by his tiniest gestures. But could it be that she finds special about him? No clue so far.

His little smirks when she took a bite of the chopped steak. Oh boy! Are you that happy to be eating with her? Has this been one of your dreams? He finds everything she does cute and it is because Yoomi is special. I hope it in the later episode we would know how they actually felt three years ago. Before and After their “something”.

I am just going to throw it out here too. I think Secretary Jang has an idea about Lee Yoomi and Cha Jin Wook. The way he peeked at his reaction. (see video below) Or it may just be a wrong acting in his part. But he seems to be aware of the tension. He knew  it was because of Yoomi that Ji Wook became more happy these days. He knew he was missing her food what one weekend. He knew he wanted to drink because “someone” thinks JW is forgettable. He was outraged when he was caught in the middle of their push-and-pull relationship. Ahahahaha! This is just me, though. I can’t be sure.

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