While we are impatiently waiting for next week’s Episode 3 and 4, I will be sharing my thoughts about the aired episodes.

The episode started in club which I think works well in defining the difference of Cha Jin Wook and Lee Yoo Mi. The way they entered in the club received a distinct attention. While CJW appeared to smoothly stand out despite the beaming lights, he managed to turn the music into his beat. And it was represented by his DJ-ing scene. He gets people around him in a snap. LYM is definitely the opposite of him as she has taken uneasy steps inside the crowded space. Even among her friends, she seemed off with their presence.

The particular scene where there is an “Expectation vs. Reality” is laughable and, at the same time, has given us another side of CJW. This is the second girl who seduced him that night and she is rejected easily. How cruel can it get when feeding a cat deserves more attention than you? Well, she is described as fake so we can say that CJW doesn’t want to be involved with this type of people.

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As his family is in the business, his perception toward people must have been affected by their truthfulness. For LYM, she appeared to have been enclosed in the world that the book describes. She needs a lot more exposure in real life scenarios. But this could also entail another thing about LYM. She may also be interested in starting a relationship but is too conservative and prim for her own good. She seemed to be so upright as she does not want to be tainted with her mother’s past that she is not very proud of. I like that her mother is her opposite and very true to herself despite people insulting her right in her wedding. I feel like her mother would be an instrument to LYM acceptance of her and CJW one-night relationship.

So here is the consequence of CJW’s flirty rejection. Let me appreciate the colorful addition of Secretary Jang’s character both literally and figuratively. He is color-coordinated from head to toe and although this style is explained in Episode 2. Aside from his clothes being his way to handle stress, it can also be interpreted as him being a disciplined and organized individual which showed a lot in the first two episodes. CJW’s time-bounded attitude portrayed in the second episode is definitely the effect of the Secretary. Sec. Jang is so calculated but also reliable. In Episode 2, we witness their close relationship that CJW slips calling him Hyung outside work.

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I am surprised that in Episode 1, CJW is already 29 years old but he acted so much like a teenager or someone in his early 20s. I understand why his father is determined to iron him out at that point because he is not acting his age. For a parent who admitted to be lacking in many areas (he cannot give him back his mother), the dad wanted to at least start playing the role of a responsible dad and not just a Chairman of Daebok. I think his way is not the best but we cannot expect the Dad to be your typical father because he is handling a large company. I don’t need to explain the reasons.

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While the club scene differentiates our lead characters, the scenes after that actually draw them lines that intersects their prominent insecurity – broken family. LYM faces a difficult time in school and her mother’s second marriage is something she cannot approve or disprove. She is still her mother anyway, and what makes her happy makes LYM happy- at least in her thoughts. Her despair eats up her positivity as consecutive unlucky events keep her dropping off her feet (yes, it is both literal and metaphorical). CJW is also at his breaking point when his longing for his mother calls him. This is what connects them. Somehow, they can relate to each other without telling their entire life story.

It is realistic that you find (maybe) the best comfort to the most personal things from a stranger. A stranger who is not directly associated in your life but given some circumstances you’ve come across each other a lot. It feels like you are building familiarity outside your emotions that is why it is easier to let out anything to him/her. It sounds like I am justifying their one-night stand but this is how the writer may have wanted us to look at this.

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