I am following this drama ever since I watched the first teaser. This drama is accompanied with a webtoon series that is slightly ahead of the episodes. Unfortunately, I do not know how to read Hangul so I am not sure what the chapters are all about. This is the art in Chapter 23.

msr 23 1msr 23 2

Link to the web novel @ Naver

I love that Cha Jin Wook is doing his research about his rival after seeing him with Lee Yoomi. I smell jealousy! Ahaha! I am kinda loving the idea of this used to be player become so salty about a girl leaving him that he has now 0% love quotient. It looks like he is going to try prove her that he, Cha Jin Wook, is not the type to have jsut a one-night stand. He is better than she thought. I am looking forward to see CJW being childish again and it is all because of Lee Yoomi’s presence. I like him playful but I also want him to be man enough for her.