Alright, I have been reading mixed opinions about the first episode. I totally understand how some are enjoying while others think the drama is just not for them. Let me share how I felt about My Secret Romance’s pilot episode.

I have not read the synopsis of this nor read articles about this drama before the premiere because I thought it would make it hard for me to wait. I also have not watched any drama with Sunghoon and Ji Eun in it so I guess it is safe to say that my feelings toward this is not bias. :))) Based from the teasers (I think they released 6 teasers and 1 cut from the first episode), director made it looked like a purely consequential event where the girl drinks with a guy. Yoomi, being in a vulnerable state, had a one night stand with Jin Wook, a carefree playboy. It honestly does not appeal to me that the lead character is that kind of a jerk. I thought the drama will revolve around Jin Wook realizing that Yoomi is worth more than a one night stand- which I find cringe-y but cute. BUT THEENNNN, I WAS WRONG.

After reading the plot and seeing the preview for Episode 2, I liked this drama better. I am looking for a light-hearted drama; I want it straightforward and steady. I believe this drama will be like this because this plot is not entirely new, we are all aware of that. But I am so happy to know that Cha Jin Wook was almost ready to open up that day they spent an unforgettable moment at the beach.


cr. Asiachan

As much as we know they find each other attractive, Jin Wook’s feelings are more apparent than Yoomi’s little crush on him. I can tell by the build up of his character. Jin Wook may have been a childish and playful bachelor when he met Yoomi but he does not hook up to just anybody who is just beautiful, sexy and overall attractive. He may have seen something in Yoomi which made her different from the girls flocking onto him. Her innocence? Her blunt interaction with him? Her soft heart? I am not yet sure but it could be one or all of the three.


cr. koreandrama

I just love that we have that spark of romantic feelings from Jin Wook to play with since the beginning because it made the drama more squeal-y than the other way around or none at all. In my opinion, it will be interesting to see Jin Wook fight against himself as he wanted to prove his worth to her without looking like a sore loser for being left hanging.

This drama will be an easy watch but I know it will give my face a good lift with all the sweet and cute moments of their unlikely romance.