As I expect from myself, I can’t do a blogmas. I thought I should at least decently wrap this since I started it on December 1. This whole month, parties and get-together are left and right. Note that I don’t have a holiday vacation from work (except the special and regular holidays). I was grateful enough that the government declared 26th and Jan 2nd holidays. Alright, let’s cut the rambling and head onto the stories.

December 2 – Ice’s Birthday


Ice is, no doubt, one of my favorite kids. His dad was my colleague so the whole team was invited to celebrate his birthday after work. I almost declined but when I knew it was for Ice’s day, I immediately agreed. I was enticed by this kid. Plus, I’ve always wanted to personally see his baby brother, Fire. What cute names they have!

I was one of the four who came much later than the other because we struggled finding Grab taxis. Apparently, few were willing to accept the destination we’re heading to. None of us knew exactly how to get there but one had an idea. GPS was our bestfriend because neither the driver was familiar of the place.We were tagged along with our manager who speaks English and Chinese. So whenever the driver engaged us with a conversation, there was a call for us to translate the bits to him. The jokesters they were, they kept speaking Tagalog to space him out. Then, joke around him in English which was making us hungrier as we already were.

I remembered us helping an old lady crossed the road and it reminded me of my elementary GMRC. I loved how grateful she was. After that, we walked to an unfamiliar path heading to the birthday boy’s house. Since it was one-way, it wasn’t as scary. We were childishly yelling my colleagues surname at every houses we passed by. And when we finally see a familiar face, we knew we had successfully accomplished the mission.

The children were so adorable. Ice was actually sick that time because he munched half of his vitamins the day before. Cutie. He was adamant about approaching us at first but he warmed up a little later. Fire, the baby brother, was a big bouncing four months old fluffy munchkin. After eating the feast, the whole night was spiced up with some live music jam of my talented colleagues. The babies were being good boys so we’re enjoying every moments playing with them. It was relief that Ice loved the glowing shoes our team bought for him. Priceless smiles were glistening as we bid our “’til next time”.

December 3 – Cirque des Elements

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I was actually very excited to attend the party because it took place in City of Dreams – the luxurious resort and casino where all the magic begins.  Ha ha ha. It’s the biggest reason why I tried so hard to go to the company event even though I had Saturday class to attend until 6pm. The party registration started at 5:30pm. I talked to my 3-6pm professor so I can leave by 5pm and made it at least before six. it was actually a series of not-so-fortunate events that had me worn out even before I got there. Originally, I would’ve flown out of the school at 4:30 or quarter the latest, but my professor was caught in a traffic jam that she came exactly at 3:58pm. Oh the holy! As I was waiting for her to come from 2 to 3:58, I sworn I’ll bounce out the moment my clock stroke 4. The odd feeling when she came at that critical two-minute mark. So I changed plans instead and told her that I’ll have to dismiss myself an hour early. She was very nice and permitted my request. I was constantly checking my watch the whole time. Good thing she was only correcting the syllabus mistyped by her assistant. Then, yes! It was that time I waved my way out of the room and swiftly transformed myself to a measly princess-on-the-run. I changed into my cherry blossom dress and threw in my jeans and shirt inside my bag pack like no one cares. I was that embarrassing girl wearing a party dress and a bag pack. I took a jeepney in that attire and I had no time to bother about how I looked. My only concern was when the jeepney was going to run, it spent not less than 10 mins until it started the journey. but it was only getting worse when the road was too jammed it merely or did not really move any further that I had to walk to the LRT station. My fate! It wasn’t really new in Manila but I was hoping I’ll have better luck at least that day. Cutting it short again, I arrived at my station. The clamors of the plethora of exiting passengers were becoming more explicit as I saw the broken tap-and-go machines. Out of all the times of the day, they had to act up when I was in a hurry. People were pushing their way out, bumping into strangers, accidentally stepping on others’ feet. I could only heave a sigh to breathe in some air above. Can I remind everyone that I was wearing a cherry blossom dress? Another sigh.

I pretty much summed up the night in my Instagram post I linked above. It was all that actually. I just wanted to justify my “temperamental state” that night. Attitude problem? I have that too.

December 9 – Preqin Annual Dinner

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The client hosted the first ever annual dinner of Preqin Manila. The venue in The Blue Leaf oozed out an intimate company dinner. It was already jam packed with only about 60 people inside but enough space to move around. I would love a wider room but, in the middle of the program, it didn’t really matter. We were having fun and freely laughing at the smallest things. In the beginning, it almost felt like we’re trying to get ahold of ourselves and be business people that we are. But we’ve blown out our covers as the dinner/party was sailing. We were so into it that we just act the way we normally were in the office during break time. Ha ha!

I gave props to the host being on the same wavelength as us. I also liked how he compliments the camaraderie that we had. He spilled some jokes and we bought it like pancakes. It was not grand, it was not perfect, the aircon was directly on me when I stood, the tables were too close by, never tasted the blueberry cheesecake, but I just had the best people to shine up the light. It was amazing.

December 18 – High School Friends’ Annual Christmas Date

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Needless to say, I had yet another great time with these bunch- be it in Puzzles, McDo or Starbucks. My December will never be complete without them.

I think the highlight was when we stacked ourselves inside the car meant for 6 people. Filmed it for our pleasure. Follow the link.

I would love to write more about this Christmas date but I don’t want to stretch this out any longer so until my next writing spree.

Have a Happy New Year’s Eve, everyone! Welcome 2017 with a smile.