I’m pretty sure that this has been going around the internet for quite some time now. People who love anime are so eager to watch it after viewing the intriguing trailer of the movie. Kimi no Na Wa will be showing in the Philippine theaters in December this year. I quickly checked on Google if they released an exact date of the first screening but to no avail.

If you haven’t watched the video I linked above yet, you may read the plot at the end of this article.



I watched this movie yesternight (Sunday) with my cousins. Quite unsure whether to write a full-blown movie review but I thought I don’t want to spoil everyone just yet so I have decided to put up a first impression to precede the review. What better way to do it than outlining my train of thoughts and hypothesis based from the trailer? Admittedly, amused by how much a 1 min and 43 sec clip would play with my expectations and predictions. Who else habitually preempts the twists of the shows by throwing random wild guesses?

Moving onto the initial reaction. “Another switching bodies story?” Don’t get the wrong idea, I was actually pleased to see this type of storyline giving its stake to animated movie. I challenged the uniqueness of the concept in Kimi no Na Wa because I consider myself a resident of this plot after watching several korean dramas. I think the perfect drama to mention is the “Secret Garden” starred by Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won.

Since they never saw each other according to the trailer and Taki stating he’ll find Mitsuha wherever she is, my head was going on and about different dimensions. Will there be a parallel universe ideology in here?

Then these thoughts bugged me over the hours of drought and wanting.

a. Will they actually meet eye-to-eye? skin-to-skin?

b. Who is the real person in the real world between Taki and Mitsuha?

c. What is the relation of the comet to the unusual phenomenon of switching bodies/soul?

d. Why is her hair shorter at some point in the trailer?

e. It’s another tragic movie, for sure.

f. Do I have to undergo a three-month rehab after this?

I got my superglue ready and kept it at arm’s length just in case I had my heart broken. I was pretty sure this movie will have a sad ending because I strongly believed they were from different dimensions. If I’m right, they can never be together in that case so I prepared my heart for the worst.


Plot excerpt from the TokyopopTV’s description box:

City-boy Taki and country-girl Mitsuha somehow end up switching bodies in their dreams. But, as they come to realize, this has far further reaching implications than either of them could have imagined. Both of them are consumed with one question; “what’s your name?”

It would be nice to add in here characters you’ll be getting to know in the movie so I took the one posted in Anime News Network:



I’d be happy to know what you think of this movie so please leave me words in the comments. We’ll talk again next time!