We are literally halfway the drama and I can’t believe how much we already know but actually don’t. Mid-series, it managed to narrate the story leading to a question then answering each one after the other. It does not drag and pile up problems which made the drama easier to watch. Most suspense/thriller/mystery plots tend to feel a lot heavier than it should because of too much discretion. It’s nice that W made us, or at least me, ask simple questions, not too digging so answers can be given bit by bit. Here are my thoughts while watching the series that you may have as well.
Episode 1


It started with the W setting where Kang Chul is the main character who won the nation a gold medal in the Olympics (very timely drama).


His misery began after being falsely accused of murdering his own family. He was declared not guilty of the charges since the petitioner failed to present enough evidence against him but the unfortunate incident scarred him to the point that he nearly chose to end his life.


The mystery plagued the W creators and Oh Yeon Seo whose dad was the author who wanted to kill his protagonist, when he vanished without a hint from his claustrophobic room.


As Yeon Seo tried to find a clue in the room about her dad’s whereabouts she was pulled in by Kang Chul into the monitor to his world- W. In the midst of her anxiety, she managed to save the protagonist in the brink of death.


When Kang Chul woke up from the hospital, he swore to find the not-so-pretty lady who he firmly believed the key to his life.



I love how this show starts with a BANG! Like, both literally and metaphorically. Misery leads to mystery. Kang Chul’s family heartlessly murdered inside their house and after ten long years MST (Manhwa Standard Time), the mysterious killer is nowhere near identified. Not even the slightest clue

We moved onto the real world (or is it not?), as Yeon Seo searches for a better life in the hospital because of her senior’s maltreatment (Is it just me or he is secretly crushing on her?) she drives to juice some spoilers from her father who has gone missing to somewhere. At this point, we are left in question like: who is the killer? where is the author? how did Yeon Seo get sucked into the manhwa? When will Kang Chul find Yeon Seo? and the biggest one of all, How are they going to meet again? They are living in two very different worlds wherein one is even barely a world to begin with, so rules how one of them can cross the dimension of another should be wisely set up to make this unbelievable plot believable.