Sneaked in here for abit and saw how empty this blogsite is. Still is, after this post but I tried snucking some little write-up before June ends. Speaking of “ends”, I can’t even start questioning myself how many writings and readings I begin this month, or even the last couple of months, but didn’t finish.

Well, to vaguely give you an idea with all my what-abouts this passed weeks and months, here are just a few I can list down in a snap in my pre-nap state. (About to go to bed, yes. Have morning work schedule, yes. Want to be late, no!)

a. Dream’s Chapter 5.

The novel I am writing is entitled Dream. I never forgot about it, I am just slacking a lot! It is actually written all the way towards the last 5 chapters but all of those need to undergo a serious editing and proofreading sessions by my team: me, me and me. But yup, it is in my drafts right now screaming to be published once it’s polished.

b. Even Eve in Evening

Just my attempt to be productive during a heavily congested traffic. A poem that I started this month and, as the title explicitly reveals, did not get a chance to finish the same month. The slacker who?

c. The Crown by Kiera Cass

The fifth book of The Selection series. I have been waiting for it but I was unfortunately, spoiled by a friend of mine who wouldn’t have read about this. Sorry, Kiera. I love you but I don’t like how it is going to end. Still halfway the book, I can’t bring myself to see my Kile overshadowed. haha!

This blog

Afraid the list will go on forever but for now, I will have something to finish. Annd it is this blog for tonight! (today for others.)