A perfect day to walk a pet

A girl lost in her tracks I met

Thanks, Moe you’re cupid I bet

A red hand on my face I get

She is a fine mademoiselle

Wond’ring if I could know her well

Her mere appearance rings the bell,

More when she smiles my heart will swell

In my home, she’s with my sister

On my green oddly couch she’s there

I talked like a cool big brother

Yet her presence is hard to bear

Meddling is simply not my game

And treasure hunting is so lame

More when real Celtic gods are claimed

Myths are known for fictions and fame

Left with no choice I joined the quest

Clear versions of stories, I hear

Trials upfront put us to test

Bounded us as we face our fear

Our love grew in the midst of war

Fire and ice had my heart ajar

Mind and soul be apart in bar

I tried keeping my love afar

Who says only the man can drive

This lady steers the wheel of time

The denial fades in just five

No gem can replace a good gold dime

I’m aware of my empathy

I act reserved to be covered

But the armor is all rusty

A tear from her and it quivered

It turned out it’s our quest to face

Not hers, not mine; not as a sole

Without one, no rose in the vase

No key to unlock the box of soul

Both worlds clashed for the final blow

Desires served as the deepest hollow

Now, what kind of heart to follow?

One whose aim is wide or narrow?

And so the end has to come down

It’s the ultimate chance to win

Using her hands she drew and found

A tangible key that is within

All is settled and all is done

The soul was freed, and she had won

She found the key, I found my chest

She’s the treasure I’ll cherished best.

Poetry is based  on the novel Key of Light by Nora Roberts. I just give a take into creating the summary of the story. I think this was written about 3-4 years ago.