There are little stuff that used to play a bigger role in the past. Things that are almost worthless today have once become milestones. Bridges connecting to other dimensions of life; steps to the next stages of being human. My upbringing as a kid revolves around school and being a student. I am one of those who spent nothing in their childhood but a routinary home-school-home adventure. So it’s only normal to have the following excite me before.

1. Using ballpen at grade 1
2. Using a composition notebook instead of writing one
3. Wearing a blouse and skirt uniform at grade 4
4.  Using a spiral notebook in high school
5. Dismissing at 5pm in high school
6. Having the suffix -teen in my age
7. To have my own phone even though I don’t have anyone’s number except my parents
8. buying new clothes and bag for Christmas parties
9. finishing my Handwriting textbook first in my class
10. cooking an egg and hotdog
11. performing on stage (I am extremely shy to people but when it comes to performing on stage, I always feel happy and excited.)

It is not even halfway the list. Too simple that many can only see hilarity about everything I’ve written down. Maturity makes a person harder to appreciate and easier to criticize. It explains why kids are happier persons than adults. Less worries, more fun.

It is somehow therapeutic to write down things that get you excited as a kid because doing so stimulates happy hormones you reminisced. These things are little ribbons of your achievements. These things seemed hard, impossible, important before at a certain stage and yet
they had been done. Just take a little time to appreciate yourself then look around you, the surroundings look much better.