dec 5, 2015

It’s more tight in the Philippines. Wherever you go, in the streets, highways, especially, in public transport. Pedicab, tricycle, van, jeepney, bus, rail transit. For commuters like me, one important thing to learn is getting used to accidental touching. I easily get irritated when random person invades my personal space- even a slightest bit. It annoys the hell out of me. Anyone who sees me out in the streets would probably think I am snub. Well, I kind of am. Kind of. I don’t instantly warm up to new people so maybe, I can swallow being called a snub once a week.

On a serious note,  aside from slight brushing of shoulders, I still don’t find an acceptable reason to be touching or poking a stranger. Using a voice is enough. Tapping anyone can be regarded as rude and disrespectful. The forgotten culture of Filipinos are clearly out of the light. Modernization almost tantamounts to Westernization. There is nothing wrong with liberality but let’s be real that not all people find it comfortable. A certain degree and aspect of it is fine but if it goes overboard, it becomes invasive to some.

Today, as I am about to alight from mrt, a man tapped my back to give way. And take this, I am in a female only cart so I was like “What in the world are you doing here?” and “Who are you to touch me?” I, particularly, hate being asked to move out of the way, especially when I am also about to. Gosh! He could’ve just talked and excuse himself. I find what he has done somewhat rude amd impolite.

Then again, other will be having a different or similar dispositions about this topic which completely normal and understood but I hope we keep a good head on our shoulders to be mindful of our actions- whether to a stranger or a friend.